Built Through the Efforts of a Boy Scout Troop

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The Koshare Museum was built through the fundraising efforts of a local scout troop.

The Koshare Indian Museum is a unique and diverse organization, consisting of many parts. The museum is unusual in that it was built by a Boy Scout troop under the inspired leadership of our founder, James Francis “Buck” Burshears, and the original 1949 structure is a registered state historic site of the Colorado Historical Society, housing a collection of Native American art and artifacts considered to be among the finest in the world.

Yet the museum remains true to its origins, providing an active and varied educational youth program focusing on American Indian culture, art and traditional dances. Working with Otero Junior College, training and mentorship prepares youth for future leadership. Scouting is also an important part of the program. The museum serves as a troop meeting location, a youth center, an overnight hostel for thousands of scouts and school youth throughout the year, a center for many local Scouting and civic activities, and a performing arts center, not only for the famous Koshare Indian Dancers, but for other artists as well.