A World-Class Museum Shaped Through the Efforts of Kids Whose Lives Were Shaped in Scouting

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With a little belief and a helping hand, children are capable of accomplishing the incredible. Somehow, in rural Southeast Colorado, a group of kids and their Scoutmaster achieved an extraordinary dream and left behind a significant cultural institution that is now supported through the efforts of kids today.

This is the story of the Koshare Museum! It begins with a youth group who helped shape this organization; it does not begin in the repository of the collection. 

A must see if you are anywhere near La Junta, Colorado. The log ceiling in the round room is mind-blowing!

From the beginning, the museum was built on a shoestring with a little hope and a little faith. The museum’s artwork and artifacts were purchased with coins from a soda machine and the dollar bills left in the donation basket. It was acquired through debt, sweat equity, innovative thinking, and the kind gifts from friends. The Koshare Museum has never truly been a museum of great wealth – just a program of great dreams.


The museum is a powerful illustration of the importance of supporting and guiding the efforts of the youth in every community. It shows what is possible, no matter how little we have, when our imaginations and dreams are put to the test.

With the top-notch collection, the tale of this museum is further enhanced by the efforts of the youth group that started it.


Immerse yourself among world-class art, ancient artifacts, and the incredible story about the kids who dared to believe in themselves and who built a world-class museum along their journey in life.

At the heart of the museum is Boy Scout Troop 232 which shaped this organization. Their story is deeply rooted in the spirit of determination, desire, and the passion to believe in the greatness we each hold. For eighty-five years, this has been and continues to be the spirit responsible for building one of the world’s most extraordinary museums based on the principles of an extremely noteworthy youth development program.



From daring dreamers to successful kids, the Koshare Museum is the amazing story of children who have not only become an inspiration to their own families and friends, but to people all over the world.