A World-Class Museum Shaped Through the Efforts of Kids Whose Lives Were Shaped in Scouting

From the beginning, the museum was built on a shoestring with a little hope and a little faith. The museum’s artwork and artifacts were purchased with coins from a soda machine and the dollar bills […]


Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit

Founded in 1949 by a group of Boy Scouts, the Koshare Museum is one of the most unique collections in the world. In the setting of the museum’s collection, explore an inspirational story of the […]

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Our variety of special events will engage individuals, families, and groups to enhance your museum experience. Check the full schedule below for more details. Upcoming Events & Performances

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Group Visits

Select Your Group Experience   We are excited to welcome your group to the Koshare Museum! Groups of ten or more are eligible for special group discounts. Explore the many wonders of our Native American […]

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Boy Scout Groups

This is not your typical museum.  The museum was born from a scouting project which continues its proud history to this day.  For more than sixty-five years, the museum has hosted hundreds of thousands of […]

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About Us

The Koshare Museum traces its history back to the bottom of the Great Depression. During this time, a group of Boy Scouts became interested in Native American heritage.

For fifty-four years, under the inspired leadership of their Scoutmaster, the scouts and those that followed assembled an impressive collection of Native American and Western arts and artifacts.

A tour of the museum, not only provides visitors with the opportunity to view a significant collection, but it also provides an inspiring story of the potential of our youth.

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Koshare Collection Highlights

The museum is home to the world’s largest self-supported log ceiling, but there is more to museum than just its architecture.  Many of our visitors are often blown away by the Native American and Western […]

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